Supports USB controllers for 1-4 players.

For keyboard (1-player only):
Move: Arrow keys or WASD
Jump: Space Bar 

Run through a series of rooms filled with traps alone or with friends! Take less health with you to increase your rewards.


All art is currently placeholder. Most is cobbled together from art kits. You'll also notice that there's no audio yet. That's not a bug, I just haven't gotted around to it :D


  • Content build out - more trap types, wagers, items
  • Room modifiers - coin rush, darkness, icy floors 
  • Boss rooms
  • Difficulty scaling overhaul - rather than ratcheting up permanently, treat difficulty increases as wagers themselves (increase difficulty for keys)
  • Treasure room overhaul - Persistent unlocks, special keys & chests 
  • Consumable items - speed boosts, projectiles, shields, teleportation
  • Tactical abilities - dodge roll, sprint, double jump
  • Character customization - character art, outfit
  • Non-linear dungeon generation on 2D map (currenty 1D in that you move left to right in a straight line)
  • Thematic re-design moving away from dungeon crawler tropes and genre conventions
  • Game modes - PVP, boss rush, monster combat