Run through a series of rooms filled with traps alone or with friends! Take less health with you to increase your rewards.

Supports USB controllers for 1-4 players.

-----Keyboard Controls-----

P1: Move with arrow keys. Jump or accept/decline with Z/X (or N/M if you're sharing a keyboard with player 2)

P2: Move with ESDF. Jump or accept/decline with Shift/A or Tab/Q


Code: Ted Carter

Art: Eric Hill

Audio: Stuart Mitchell

Design: Marian Hill


Download 1,001 kB
Download 3 MB
Download 556 kB
Download 783 kB

Development log


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Do you have the pico8 cart for this for this available?

Yes! Look for it on the BBS, or just find it through SPLORE

You are actually inspiring me for the future "action part" of my ludum dare "gameboy RPG". :)

Plus, I didn't know that Pico-8 games could be exported as win/linux executables :o

That's great! What are you making it in?
As of the latest update, PICO-8 can also export to .RASPI, so you can run straight out of Raspian. Pretty cool for little arcade projects

Nice ! I'm writing my game with love2d. My long-term target is to make it work on windows, linux, web player, and lutro/retroarch, for arcade projects and hacked consoles too.